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Perhaps you need help running an event. Perhaps you want to be part of one. Or maybe you just need a partner to help you compete. Regardless, this section is for you!

Read these lists before you send us anything! For example, if you need judges and someone is already posted here as a volunteer judge, ask them directly and simplify everything for everyone. Also, once your needs are met, please let us know so that we can remove your name.

***If you want us to add a listing, please send the group a note. DO NOT reply to the journal with an ad request, as those tend to get lost very easily and there is a good chance we won't see it. Thanks.***

:above: - Update
:new: - New posting!

:teamwork: LOOKING FOR A PARTNER: Don’t want to compete alone? No problem!  Send us a note with your name, skills and experience (if possible, link to examples), type of event you wish to participate in, and what kind of partner you need (proofreader, sketcher, CG artists, script writer, etc).

    Seeker: TiredTom
    Event: Any OCT in which allows animation as a competing medium.
    Skills: Animation. I've studied animation for a couple of years as a hobby and would really like to apply my knowledge and compete in an OCT. I have no finished works but theory study I've completed in my spare time. Here are a couple of older pictures I've drawn: link and link
    Looking for:  A Co-pilot. I'm looking for a writer/ artist/ studying animator or storyboard artist. I excel in a group, and would like to collaborate with an individual to take part in my first OCT. I like to think of myself as a multifunctional individual. I would love to meet someone likeminded.
    (Posted 31 Jan 2015))

    Seeker: Anastasia0512 / Redmere / Emilisia
    Event: TheDarkAgeOCT
    Skills: I am skilled in story/creative writing, but I'm not that good at drawing. I haven't had any experience, but I have done writing before and I can create OCs and bios.
    Looking For: An artist. Anyone is ok, I don't mind anyone whoever can help me I appreciate!

    Seeker: Android3000
    Event: Divine-Inferno-OCT
    Skills: Writing. I also do well at making new characters and OC bios.
    Looking For: An artist to join me in the tournament as my partner. What you would be doing is creating splash pages, which are illustrated pictures to go with my story. You would have an OC to go alongside mine, and would have an say in how we would go about telling the story for each round. Looking to fight on the side of humanity for this (see OCT). This is the kind of work that me (and the judges especially) are looking for.… Quality is king, here; we'll be competiting against entire comics. Send me examples of your work, please. I'm doing these OCT's to take my writing more seriously, so anyone who's passionate enough about their artwork may be conisdered. Please have the time to spare. Let's not forget to have fun, either! XD
    Payment: 2000 DA points (half at the start, the other half upon either winning or losing the OCT.) Should we win, prizes will be divided amongst us equally.
    (Posted 9/10/14)

:worker: LOOKING FOR WORK: Want to volunteer or sell your services?  Send us a note with your name, skills, and experience as well as what type of events you’d like to help with.

Tip: If you wish to judge but haven't before, you can still advertise your qualifications.  Go over a fight and post your critiques plus verdict as a deviation, scrap, or journal.  Then send us the link. While you're at it, why stop with just one fight?

    :new: :bulletblue: Inheri7or is looking for writing or voice-acting work.
    SKILL 1: WRITING<bt> EXPERIENCE: I'm working on my debut novel currently. In March of 2014, I had the opportunity to attend an online class with real agents and pitch my idea. The feedback was as follows:
    "The query is well-crafted and compelling--almost pitch perfect.  Great title, word count is on the mark (when you're finished, that is), the story is unique and it's well summarized. The writing itself is vibrant and exciting.  The opening bears the sense of immediacy I look for, the main character engaged in an action that characterizes her and describes the world we're in.  I love this visual style--e.g. your description of [[Femal Protagonist]].  Just lovely.  This is truly a wonderful pitch and I have no doubt you'll find a fantastic agent once you're finished with the work. I myself look for sci-fi along the lines of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go or Karen Thompson Walker's Age of Miracles.  But, again, I know another lucky agent with a taste for scifi in this style will snap you up in a jiffy."
    I specialize in professional and clean story arcs, including character development, believable dialogue, immersive worldbuilding, pacing, tone, and much more. Can do scripts or stories.

    EXPERIENCE: I have a bit of experience in regular acting, mostly through local productions of musicals, but my forte has always been with my voice. This was acquired from hours spent in my yard as a child (I'm 20, by the way), pretending to be every character in a cast and repeating lines over and over until they sounded exactly right. Sometimes I still do, and I swear people would think I was crazy how much I talk to myself in other voices. But I'm not insane. I think.

    I can also sing, with various awards at a state level and years of choral experience, but I don't know how useful that's going to be.

    My preferred role is usually anything villainous or slightly sinister, though I can take on a more neutral or even "good" role. Here's a sample of a voice test I did for the main antagonist of my debut novel. I was going for a very Tony Jay sort of feel (much like the elder god from the Legacy of Kain games).

    :bulletblue: PsychedAngsty is looking for lots of work.
    SKILL 1: Writing
    EXPERIENCE: Writing is something that I can confidently say I have had a lot of experience with. Doesn't matter if it's in script form or story form. The trouble is that my work is not being recognized, since everyone thinks I'm too young (WHAT?!). I'm writing fanfics and original stories all over the place, I'm developing scripts for webcomics and voiceovers that I am planning to debut, and I've actually written scripts for a few unofficial plays (meaning they were in school or just some things my church friends and I just slammed together and performed in front of an audience--that kinda stuff).

    SKILL 2: Character Development
    EXPERIENCE: I spend most of my spare time daydreaming, and as a result, I've ended up coming up with A LOT of character bios, fandom-related or not (but more often not). I've actually got them all type down on my computers. Most of them aren't even being used, though, so if anyone wants to pick up the descriptions, they're more than welcome! (You won't find any of them online, though). While drawing doesn't even come close to being my forte, there are a couple of concept art sketches in my gallery. (Unlike most, I do plan to used them.) There's proof that I do draw my anonymous characters from time to time. Let me repeat: TIME TO TIME. I consider my artwork terrible, so I don't do it often. If an artist completely out of ideas for creating an OC wants help from me, I'd be happy, but the sketches are up to them. I'm only going to be sending one along if AND ONLY IF I was inspired to draw said OC along the way.
    SKILL 3: Voice-Acting
    EXPERIENCE: While I haven't built up much experience, I've consulted my parents multiple times on being a voice actress. They don't think it'll be good for me to earn a living that way, but they think it's a wonderful hobby. And I intend to keep that hobby. I'm currently voicing a few works, actually (without my parents' knowledge). I'm working on Lyra Vision's (via YouTube) "Ipsywitch Comic Dub", and I've auditioned for a Zoophobia voiceover (I don't think the results came out yet. I'm also planning to direct a voiceover of "Sugar Bits" by, with me as Ginger and as Cupcake and Bo (but I am VERY SHORT on other voices, so I'm still searching for help in that aspect). I'd be willing to voice anybody, AS LONG AS THE CHARACTERs I AM ASKED TO VOICE ARE FEMALES. That's a biggie, because I can't do male voices (believe me when I say I tried).
    (Posted 01/30/15)

    :bulletblue: SteedAngus is willing to donate prizes for OCTs. Mostly stuff like this, this, or this. So basically character designs. Painting or drawing varies with the amount of time that the donor has.
    (Posted 11/02/14)

    :bulletblue: kokorostardragon volunteers to help flesh out or create character backstories, plots, or help with character design. They also offer to judge or design them if they feel they understand the lore of an OCT.
    (Posted 11/02/14)

    :bulletblue: ArtSquirrel Willing to volunteer as a judge and donate art prizes (please note me for this one). I am also willing to work and create group Icons and NPC/OC visuals. Icons will run from 25-50 points depending on how detailed you want them, and NPCs will go from 100-300 points depending on detail.
    Posted 9/20/14

    :bulletblue: Elder-Chaos is looking for Writing work. Willing to help with: OCT as writing partner to flesh out or create back story for OC / help make an OC / writing the script on how partner will draw there round.
    Posted 2/2/14

    :bulletblue:BigBro18 volunteers to help flesh out or create character backstories.
    Still offering as of 2/24/2014

    :bulletblue:Gregor-Lives is willing to donate art prizes for tournaments.
    Still offering as of 2/2/2014

:helpdesk: LOOKING FOR HELP: Need help running your event? Advertise it here by sending us a note with your name, the name and link of your event, and what you need for it.

    :new: :bulletred: Seeker: LionX-rampant

    Event: PantheonLegendsOCT

    Needs: 3 Judges

    Notes: The majority of the set up work is done at this point, we need judges to help moderate , judge, and write critiques for future rounds. Must also be willing to make a judge OC.
    (Posted 04/08/15)

    :bulletred: Seeker: Crimson-Winged
    Event: ApolloMetropolis
    Needs: 1 judge, 2 back-up judges
    Notes: Seeking a judge to help with the main rounds and events and back-ups in case one of the judges can't be around. Prize donations are nice, but they are by no means required. If you're dedicated and would like to help, we'd love to have you in the admin circle~
    (Posted 01/30/15)

    :bulletred: Seeker: 1STW
    Event: WitchsDimension-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations
    Notes: Please note the group if you wish to help.
    (Posted 12/22/14)

    :bulletred:Seeker: Brandmuffin
    Event: Aria-OCT
    Needs: 14 administrators, 10 moderators
    Notes: The main requirement (all of them are listed here ) is to have some experience in being an admin for an oct, preferably a pokemon-themed one. (Posted 11/02/14)

    :bulletred:Seeker: EnderJG
    Event: EscapeTheIdentityOCT
    Needs: a minimum of 2 judges,  prize donors
    Notes: Judges must submit NPC characters as well as assistants to help flesh out the OCT (Updated 10/7/14)

    :bulletred: Seeker: TlMENERD
    Event: TheKingdomOfCatsOCT
    Needs: 4 Judges, A group icon & Prize donations Notes: Currently holding judge auditions to help run the OCT and flesh it out. Also, we need a group icon, I'm wiling to pay up to 10-50 :points: for one. Please note the group if interested. (Posted 08/18/2014)

    :bulletred: Seeker: Toasty-RPs
    Event: Valor-Union-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations, Group Icon & (2+) Judges
    Notes: Primarily looking for partners willing to judge and help flesh out the group.
    (Posted 08/11/14)

    :bulletred: Seeker: Toasty-RPs
    Event: Pokemon-HFA
    Needs: 2 Active Judges
    Notes: I need 2 Judges with artistic abilities that are at least close to my own. I'm not too picky, but I do want to catch the eye of possible contestants. Will be required to create an oc Pokemon Trainer and help with general administration things such as setting up the plot and rounds with me and answering questions.
    (Posted 08/11/14)

    :bulletred: Seeker: KristaDLee
    Event: The-Salt-Islands-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations & (3) Judges
    Notes: Primarily looking for art prizes (but point donations wouldn't hurt).
    (Posted 6/24/14)

    :bulletred: Seeker: Darlingkitten
    Event: ArtistsApocolypse
    Needs: 1 judge/admin; x5 Prize donations
    Notes: Seeking a judge/helper who will post journals and look after the tournament if I cannot. Also seeking prize donations for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I would like to have a minimum of 5 prizes for before I start the tournament. Please contact me by note to volunteer.
    (Posted 5/31/14)

    :bulletred:Seeker: Nobnimis
    Event: AdvWars-Battlezone
    Needs: 3 Judges, contestants for Orange Star and Blue Moon teams
    Notes: A Commander-in-Chief (judge) is needed for each of the following: Blue Moon (urgent), Yellow Comet, Green Earth
    (Posted 3/4/2014)

    :bulletred:Seeker: SyforceWindlight
    Event: PKMN-StormLeague
    Needs: 3 Judges
    Notes: Judges need to be people willing to aid in art contribution, creation of a character is a must (be it written or drawn)
    (Posted 9/20/13)

    :bulletred:Seeker: aquashiram14
    Event: Monster-Hunter-OCT
    Needs: Two judges and prize donations
    Notes: Send me a note saying why/what makes you qualified to make you a judge in order to be considered.
    (Posted 7/03/13)

    :bulletred: Seeker: RaynaHero200
    Needs: Judges and prize donations
    Notes: We'd need people who has some experience in different mediums, we'd really appreciate the help, if you're interested, please contact Me or My BF kill-zone through note or go to Call-of-the-Vault and send us a note there.
    (Posted 06/30/13)

    :bulletred:Seeker: Willowwish
    Event: Final-Assault-OCT
    Needs: Two judges and prize donations
    Notes: A Homestuck-based OCT. Please message me if you think you're interested for more information. (Posted 04/26/13)

    :bulletred: Seeker: IngenuCreator
    Event: Creation League
    Needs: Someone to host the event
    Notes: Contact me for information of the event.
    (Updated 07/06/13; Posted 04/20/13)

    :bulletred: Name: Iam4ever
    Event: BSOCT
    Needs: A person who is able to create NPC art, maps, and other resources as well as judge.
    Notes: [None specified]
    (Posted 01/30/13)

    :bulletred:Seeker: Viikinkikiivi
    Event: Soul-Survivor-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations, judges, and someone to make a reference sheet and a group icon Notes: We need one judge for the comic roster. Please contact Viikinkikiivi if you're willing to help.
    (Updated 07/05/13; Posted 12/03/12)

    :bulletred:Seeker: MrPr1993
    Event: Finale-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations
    Notes: Please contact MrPr1993 if interested
    (Updated 01/25/13; Posted 10/30/12)

    :bulletred:Seeker: AkiliRose
    Event: Verannia-OCT
    Needs: Prize donations
    Notes: I only need one or two artists for second and third prize as we have a first prize currently set up, although we are still working out the prizes and things can be switched around.
    (Updated 01/29/13; Posted 10/3/12)

This is what most visitors are looking for: the tournaments of the future, competitions waiting for you to join.  Good luck!

Be sure to check out the other half of this list:…
While you’re at it, check out the OC leagues:… of them routinely host successful tournaments.

If you become aware of an Upcoming OCT that we do not have on the registry, send a note with that OCT's information in the format shown here

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CLICK HERE to learn how to submit new OCT/OCLs or OCT/OCL updates

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: ANNOUNCEMENTS :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Find out what's going on in the OCT world :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

:groups:4/20/13 GC

Hi OCT followers!  Just wanted to give you a heads up that OCTFOLLOWERS WILL BE LOOKING TO TAKE ON NEW STAFF.  I'm in the process of re-working the staffing structure, but we'll be looking to take folks on starting in MAY 2013.

Do you love OCTs?
Do you have a lot of free time? Or even NO free time?
Do you spend all your time on deviantartART anyway?

Do you want to help OCTFollowers stay up to date?

If you have these qualities, we want YOU to put in an application for an OCTF admin position!  Experience with OCTs is preferred, but not required.  More details to come~!


:groups:3/20/13 TW1

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates to the News Desk ^^; Things are still hectic for everyone but hopefully we can make (and keep) updates more frequently.


:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:WEEKLY RANDOM FEATURES :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

|||||||||  Weekly Features have been removed, as none of the admin are able to keep up with updating this section regularly |||||||||

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:LATEST ADDITIONS :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Click on the header to see more than these 3 additions:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

  • :iconfuturebattlesoct: FUTURE BATTLES --Accepting Auditions-- added on 1 May
    Hosted by: Codliet
    Accepted Media: Any
    A futuristic OCT where the competitors are trapped in the past or future of 2147 and they desire to get back to their proper time, but, the competitors hear about a tournament, hosted by a young scientist who has invented the world's first working time machine.   But, would you be willing to fight against competitors from all over time to get back to where you belong? Are you up for it?

  • :icongalacticsmackdownoct: GALACTIC SMACKDOWN --Under Construction-- added on 1 May
    Hosted by: ImTheJackel
    Accepted Media: All except 'pure' literature
    To all trill-seekers in the galaxy, from simpel pirates and outlaws to bounty hunter and intergalactic law men.
    Come to sektor 42 for the tournament off your life(we hope it is), THE GALACTIC SMACKDOWN.
    Do you have what it takes to win the meanest tournament in this part of the galaxy?

  • :iconascensiongateoct: ASCENSION GATE --Accepting Auditions until 1 July-- added 20 April
    Also sponsoring bi-weekly, all-media-accepted mini-contests -
    Accepted Media: Literature
    Hosted by: Umbrascitor
    Six thousand years after the fall of human civilization, only one piece of the Forgotten Technology remains: the Manifold Gate, a bridge to other worlds that can transform ordinary humans into gods. Begin your journey as a humble mortal, and gradually build up an array of supernatural powers as you quest to become a god.  This unconventional OCT forgoes the traditional bracket structure and provides a more open world for your character to roam. Choose your own path, build up your powers, and encounter opponents based on decisions that you make.

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: LATEST UPDATES:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Click the header to see more than these 3 updates :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

  • :iconreboot-oct: REBOOT is Accepting Auditions until 30 August on 17 May
  • :iconnightmare-manor-oct: NIGHTMARE MANOR OCT is Accepting References until 6 June on 17 May
  • :iconanime-oct-club: A CROW'S WISH is Accepting Auditions on 17 May
  • :iconauroris-oct: AURORIS OCT will open on 27 May on 17 May
  • :iconangelsascended-oct: ANGELS ASCENDED: HALO OF TRAGEDY is Accepting Auditions until 20 June on 17 May
  • :iconrebellion-oct: REBELLION-OCT is Accepting Auditions until June 22 on 9 May

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: CLASSIFIEDS:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:Click the header to see more ways you can get involved :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

The Shortlist is a page for OCTs that just need a few more contestants to get their extra push of publicity!  If you're looking for an OCT to join, check here first!

Before you post to the Shortlist, we recommend that an OCT...
:bulletblack: nearing (within 1-2 weeks of) or past its deadline.
:bulletblack: ...already have approximately 2/3 of its desired competitors.
Here are some common bracket sizes along with the minimum number of competitors needed before a Shortlist application will be considered:
8: 6
10: 7
12: 8
16: 10
20: 14
24: 16
28: 19
32: 22
36: 24
40: 27
48: 32
56: 38
64: 43

To submit an OCT to the Shortlist, send us a note with the following:
:bulletblack: The name of the OCT.
:bulletblack: The dA name of the OCT account.
:bulletblack: The dA name of the primary administrator.
:bulletgreen: How many more auditions/competitors are needed before competition can begin.
:bulletblack: Accepted storytelling media.
:bulletblack: A short description that sets it apart from the rest, preferably no more than three or four sentences long.

Basically, the information we need is everything we normally ask for, with the number of competitors needed replacing the tournament's status.  So without further ado...!

_____________________The Shortlist____________________________

:iconassassinsdance-oct: THE ASSASSIN'S DANCE --Posted 15 Feb 2015--
Hosted by: Blackrabbit98
:bulletred: 4 :bulletred: competitors needed, no audition required
Accepted Media: Comics, Flash, & Literature

Live the life of a hitman as you compete for contracts and purchase gear. You need to be cunning and skillful to survive this cut throat career. Do you have what it takes for The Assassin's Dance?

:#1:Successfully Assisted OCTs :#1:

:iconeuro-illusions: :iconcryptichymnoct:  :iconbloodbathoct: :iconmythical-human: :iconminecraftoct: :iconspeechlessoct: :iconassassinswanted: :iconsandsoftimeoct:  :iconpv-asylum-oct:  :iconhands-of-chaos::iconb4t5r:  :icondokusei: :iconchromatica-oct: :iconthesilverpen-oct: :icontime-trials-oct: :icontheirontournament: :iconvitalsparkoct: :iconchallengeothegodsoct::icondarkness-rising-oct: :iconaliceoct::iconthecursedoct::iconapocalypticrefrain: :iconresart-oct::icontheexperimentoct: :iconotc-underworld: :iconrebellion-oct:


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